Principal and Senior Project Geologists are California Registered Geologists. Mr. Luther is a Registered Civil Engineer and a Certified Engineering Geologist in California. Our Senior Project Engineer is a Registered Civil Engineer in California.

Our project and field personnel are engineers.  Water Well Plus engineers are trained in project management, field techniques, drilling and pipeline engineering.

Project Experience

The following project summaries detail a partial list of our services:

General Project Management

 * Water Well Plus, Inc.  project management team has overseen and managed over $104,000,000 worth of projects this year. We are experienced at project planning, oversight and certification processes. Most noteworthy we are natural multi-taskers and frequently keep multiple sights on time and on schedule during the same time-frame.

Installation of Three 20,000 Gallon Diesel Storage Tanks, AMGEN Corporation, Thousand Oaks, California.

Objectives: Design and install tank farm on the AMGEN site in Thousand Oaks, California.

Tasks: Perform geotechnical study to obtain soils design parameters, design configuration of below-ground tank farm.  Obtain permits from all agencies, supervise construction and installation of facility, prepare operations and maintenance plan, turn permitted site over to owner.

Geotechnical Investigation and Contaminant Testing for proposed Weapons Transfer Depot and associated railroad spur, Seal Beach Weapons Depot, Seal Beach.


First of all, determine subsurface conditions, perform on-site contaminant testing using Hnu Photoionization Detector. Perform laboratory testing in order to present options for foundation design. And to evaluate liquefaction potential, and prepare report presenting findings.

Tasks: Drill and sample exploratory borings; perform laboratory tests; research geologic hazards; interpret field and laboratory test results. Prepare report presenting foundation design options and seismic concerns.

Geotechnical Investigation and Contaminant Testing for Child Care Center and Recruit Support Services, Naval Training Center, San Diego.

Objectives: Determine subsurface conditions, perform on-site contaminant testing using Hnu Photoionization Detector. Perform laboratory testing to develop options for foundation design and to evaluate liquefaction potential, and prepare report presenting findings.

Tasks: Drill and sample exploratory borings. Supervise Dutch Cone drilling; perform laboratory tests. Interpret field and laboratory test results.  Prepare report presenting foundation design options.

Facility closure at former Dibble Electronics Site, San Diego, California.

Objectives: Define, delineate, remediate and obtain closure for heavy metal contaminated site.

Tasks: Test and evaluate 187 barrels of unknown contaminants that were left on site. Define soils and ground water contamination through a boring and sampling program.  Determine disposal methods and destinations for all contaminants found on site. Clean and restore 20,000 square foot building to usable condition.  Remove above-ground treatment center and restore treatment area to usable condition.  Apply for and obtain facility closure and soils closure.

Precise and Rough Grading Plans: Southwestern California.

Objectives: Design precise and rough grading plans for commercial, industrial and residential development and litigation purposes.

Tasks: Determine scope of projects with meetings with client and regulatory agencies, survey site and import points into AutoCAD. Design rough or precise grading plan for commercial, industrial or residential developments.

Mr. Luther, Vice President


Bachelor of Science (Engineering Geology), San Diego State University, May 1981

Master of Science (Hydrogeology), San Diego State University

J.D., Thomas Jefferson School of Law, December 1996

Registered Geologist 4356, State of California, 1987

Certified Engineering Geologist 1356, State of California, 1987

Registered Civil Engineer 63653, State of California, 2002

Certified Hydrogeologist 379, State of California, 1995

Registered Environmental Assessor 01202, State of California, 1989

We are a Licensed C57 Well Driller 512010, State of California, 1987

Additionally Licensed as a “A” Contractor, 512010, State of California, 1987

Includes a Licensed “B” Contractor, 512010, State of California, 1990

Licensed Hazardous Waste Contractor, 512010, State of California, 1990

Licensed Home Improvement Contractor, 512010, State of California, 1999

Registered Geologist, 24945, State of Arizona, 1991

Licensed A-4 Contractor 088373, State of Arizona, 1990

Licensed Attorney 190240, California 1997

Registered Geological Engineer, 13626, State of Nevada, 1998

In addition to these licenses Mr. Luther has taken over 40 post baccalaureate units in Hydrogeology and Engineering.

Mr. Luther first qualified as an expert witness for construction defect cases in 1983 for both soils and groundwater.  He has subsequently qualified as a soils, groundwater, cost estimating for both general construction and environmental cleanup.  Also, sequencing and contaminant transport expert in State and Federal courts throughout California and as a water well drilling expert in Federal Court. Mr. Luther has qualified in Superior Court in San Francisco, Contra Costa, San Mateo, Sacramento, Marin, Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino & San Diego Counties.

Moreover, Al Luther has testified as a cost estimator and project manager.  Includes both construction and contaminant clean-up cases in arbitrations, mediations and trials.

As CEO of Applied Consultants for the last 30 years Mr. Luther has managed engineering staffs as large as 72 engineers.  This includes many projects in the million dollar + range. Small projects, however, are the bailiwick of Applied Consultants. Mr. Luther manages over 125 small projects ( $650.00 to $ 10,000.00) per year.

Mr. Esplago Devera, Senior Engineer.


BS       University of California Irvine, Civil Engineering – June 2006.

JD       Western Sierra Law School – Projected 2014.


PE       Professional Civil Engineer- Registered in California; PE 77618 – October 2010.

EIT      Engineer in Training; EIT 123617 – 2005.

California Professional Board of Engineers Exam Expert

Classified as an expert by the State of California as a Registered Civil Engineer. A member of the civil engineering board for the October 2011 Professional Civil Engineering exam.

Expert Witness Testimony

Qualified and testified in San Diego Superior Court as an expert witness for civil engineering.


United States Navy – 2011

Commissioned Officer – Ensign
Commissioned officer in United States Naval Reserve Seabees (Construction Battalion).

Professional Experience

  • In 2012 performed Project Management for cumulative project value of $ 104M.
  • Civil Engineer preparation of grading plans, erosion control plans, improvement plans, drainage studies, water quality studies, storm water pollution prevention plans, traffic control plans, pavement rehabilitation plans.
  • Timber & Steel Design – Structural engineering calculations and drawings submission and permits.
  • Construction management for City of Seal Beach Public Works department.
  • Project Engineer on numerous Geotechnical Engineering investigations ranging from single family dwellings to large commercial developments.
  • Foundation retrofit and plans.
  • Cost Estimating for construction projects.